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The %HOANICKNAME% Neighborhood

The %HOANICKNAME% neighborhood is a covenant-controlled community that is located about 1/4 mile south of the intersection of 104th Avenue and Chambers Road in Commerce City. The neighborhood is comprised of 145 single family homes constructed by Centex between 2007 and 2014.

The neighborhood enjoys a 1.8 acre park area with a playground located in the center of the neighborhood.

Although the neighborhood is surrounded on three sides by over 150 acres of open space zoned for agricultural and residential use, it is only 1/4 mile from a King Soopers superstore and a Walgreens. In addition, the neighborhood is less than a 30-minute drive away from downtown Denver and the Denver International Airport.

The High Point Metropolitan District

The High Point Metropolitan District (the District) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado. The District's boundaries wholly encompass the Harvest Meadows neighborhood and the District's board of directors are elected solely by Colorado registered voters living and/or owning property within the Harvest Meadows neighborhood. Beginning in 2015, the District began performing all functions previously provided by the Harvest Meadows Homeowners Association including (1) maintaining the open spaces and recreational facilities within the neighborhood, (2) monitoring and enforcing the Harvest Meadows restrictive covenants and maintenance standards applicable to every lot and (3) providing architectural review services in accordance with the neighborhood's restrictive covenants and architectural guidelines. The District also collects property taxes to repay the debt that was incurred several years ago to finance the development of the neighborhood.

Metro District Board Meeting Schedule
Nov. 06, 2017 Regular board meeting [Agenda]
(Public hearing on 2018 budget)
Jan. 15, 2018 Regular board meeting [Cancelled]
March 05, 2018 Regular board meeting [Agenda]
May 07, 2018 Regular board meeting [Agenda]
July 09, 2018 Regular board meeting [Cancelled]
July 23, 2018 Special board meeting [Agenda]
Sept. 10, 2018 Regular board meeting [Agenda]
Nov. 05, 2018 Regular board meeting [Agenda]
(Public hearing on 2019 budget)
All board meetings are open to the public and (unless noted otherwise) will be held in the board room at Mail Xpress (13611 E 104th Ave Suite 800 Commerce City, CO 80022) at 7:00pm.
Neighborhood Rules & Restrictions
The Harvest Meadows neighborhood is a covenant-controlled community. The rules and restrictions are embodied in three documents - the Declaration, the Architectural Guidelines and the Covenant Enforcement Policy.

The Declaration
The Declaration contains the basic covenants and restrictions for Harvest Meadows. Article VIII of the Declaration assigns powers to the Architectural Committee to establish guidelines, standards, rules, regulations and procedures for the neighborhood. Article IX of the Declaration establishes various restrictions on the use and maintenance of Lots within Harvest Meadows. Some of these restrictions are explicit and some are not - but the Declaration allows all rules to interpreted and clarified by the District Board. Any changes to the Declaration must be approved by a vote of the homeowners.

Click HERE to go to the document library to download a copy of the Declaration document.

Architectural Guidelines
The Architectural Guidelines provides guidelines, standards, rules, regulations and procedures for installing, removing or modifying improvements on homeowners' Lots, including the house exterior. The Guidelines also provide the minimum standards for maintaining landscaping, the home exterior and other improvements on homeowners' Lots. The District Board - in consultation with the Architectural Committee - is responsible for updating and changing the Guidelines.

Click HERE to go to the webpage where you can download a copy of the Architectural Guidelines.

Covenant Enforcement Policy
To ensure homeowners comply with the rules, restrictions and standards established by the Declaration and the Architectural Guidelines, the District Board has established covenant enforcement policies and procedures. These policies and procedures document the District Board's written course of action for enforcing the rules, restrictions and standards established in the Declaration and the Architectural Guidelines. The District Board may change its enforcement policies and procedures as it deems necessary.

Click HERE to go to the document library to download a copy of the District Board's covenant enforcement policies and procedures.

Trash Service
  Commerce City provides weekly trash pick-up service to the neighborhood through its contractor - Waste Management. Any questions or concerns about trash service should be directed to Waste Management at (800) 482-6406.

Additional information about your trash service can be found in the following flyer published by the City:

Trash Service Flyer


In 2013, the residents created a Facebook page for the Harvest Meadows neighborhood. Please note that neither the District nor your Association manages or monitors this site. Click on the Facebook icon below to jump to the Harvest Meadows Facebook site.


Yard of the Month
(June through August each year)
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Important Dates to Remember
Trash pick-up is provided by Commerce City and occurs weekly on Thursdays. If a holiday occurs on a Monday of any given week, trash pick-up service is moved back to Friday.

South Adams County Water & Sanitation District shuts off the irrigation water supply between October 15th and April 15th each year. (All District residents' sprinkler systems are hooked into the irrigation water system.)